Reconditioned and Clearance Eurorack Cases

Get a great deal on our reconditioned 15U Steep Eurorack modular cases that have been restored to good condition.

Reconditioned 15U Steep 104HP Eurorack Case, was $1308, now $999!

Reconditioned Eurorack 15U Steep modular case with rear stand. Now $1049!

Discover the special pricing available on our limited edition colourful Eurorack cases when you shop for an Eurorack case.

Creative and Fun! Eurorack modular Yellow 9U 104HP case with 2E signature joinery. 10% OFF!

Simplicity and Pristine! Eurorack modular White 6U 104HP case with 2E signature joinery. 10% OFF!

Quality products at great prices.

Available exclusively at 2Egress Sound & Design. For a personal design consultation, please contact us. Let us build you something amazing! Please contact us for more information.


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